The Bayou Bar & Grill Menu

$5 Lunch Special Monday thru Friday - Burgers, Wraps, Salads, Cheesesteaks till 3pm
Voted Best wings


Buffalo Wings
10 meaty wings in our famous sauce.
"Best of Philly” Winner.  9.95

Try Our other great flavors:
Honey BBQ, Spicy Garlic, Teriyaki
Honey Mustard, Old bay crab wings

Chicken Fingers
Four breaded cutlets with honey mustard.
8.95 Combo with fries 10.95

Buffalo Fingers
Chicken fingers in our special wing
sauce 8.95 Combo w/ fries 10.95

Tortilla chips, salsa, cheddar, jalapenos, sour cream, black olives,&
chopped tomato
12.95 add chili for $2

Buffalo Chicken Nachos
Grilled chiken,jalepenos,chopped tomato,melted cheddar,drizzle buffalo sauce. bleu cheese on side  12.95

Six large butter flied shrimp served with
cocktail sauce.  9.95

Pot Stickers
Steamed and pan fried pork dumplings with teriyaki sauce 8.95

Cajun Popcorn
Fried popcorn shrimp tossed in Cajun
seasonings.  9.95

Broccoli & Cheese Bites
Fried broccoli and cheddar cheese
florets with honey mustard sauce.  7.95

3 Buffalo Fingers, 4 Mini Fried Tacos,
4 Broccoli Cheese bites, 4 Mozzarella
stix all on a bed of waffle fries. 16.95

Buffalo Shrimp
Six large butterflied shrimp in our
wing sauce w/ bleu cheese.  9.95

French Fries
Large basket enough for two 4.95    

Old Bay Fries
Seasoned with Old Bay spices.  4.95

Bayou Fries
Fries drizzled with spicy garlic sauce topped with parmesan cheese and a vlue cheese dip    4.95

Cheese Fries
With Melted American Sauce.  5.45

Sweet Potato Fries
Seasoned with cinnamon sugar   5.95

Loaded Fries
Plate of waffles fries, melted cheddar
cheese, crumbled bacon, and sour cream.  12.95

Crock of Chili
Fresh made beef chili served with
tortilla chips and cheddar.  5.95

Caesar Salad
Our own homemade dressing.  6.95
With chicken.  8.95
With shrimp.  11.95

Cajun Fried Chicken Salad
Fried Cajun chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheddar, croutons with honey mustard.  8.95

Buffalo Chicken Salad
Fried Buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheddar,croutons with Bleu cheese side.  8.95

Side Salad
Lettuce, tomato, onion, croutons, cheddar cheese.  4.95

Bleu Cheese, Russian, Honey Mustard, Ranch, Fat Free Italian


Served with fries

Burgers - Build Your Own.  8.95
 Fresh made choice chopped beef.

American, Cheddar, Provolone;
Pizza Sauce, Jalapeno Peppers,
Onions, Lettuce, Tomato, Bacon,
Mushrooms, Bleu Cheese Sauce,

Mushroom Swiss Burger
Sauteed mushrooms & Swiss cheese. 8.95

Bacon Cheddar Burger
Smoked bacon and melted colby cheddar cheese. 8.95
Black & Bleu Burger
Burger w/Cajun seasonings, Bleu cheese dressing, tomato, lettuce.  8.95

Ranch Burger
Smoked bacon, fried onions, BBQ sauce and melted Jack & Colby cheddar.  8.95

Pizza Burger
Topped with pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce   8.95

Turkey Burger
1/2lb of ground turkey with lettuce
and tomato.  8.95

Veggie Wrap
Grilled mushrooms, roasted red peppers,grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, cajun mayo  8.95

Bayou Cajun Chicken
Grilled Cajun seasoned chicken breast
w/ melted American, mayo, lettuce and tomato on a long roll.  8.95

Chicken Parm
Fried chicken cutlet, pizza sauce &
melted cheese on a long roll.  8.95

Bayou Buffalo Chicken
Chicken tenders smothered in the Bayou famous buffalo sauce, w/ bleu cheese, tomato, lettuce.  8.95

Tuscan Chicken
Grilled sliced chicken with roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and mayo on a long roll.  8.95

Jalapeno Popper Chicken
Grilled chicken , spicy garlic sauce, jalapenos, melted cheddar cheese on a long roll    8.95


Hardshell Crabs
Blue claw crabs steamed in our special seasonings. Daily price depends
on size.

If you’ve never had them, our servers will be glad to show you how to open them.

Steamed Shrimp
One dozen peeled and steamed in Old
Bay and served with cocktail sauce.  14.95

Crab Legs

1 lb. Steamed Crab legs steamed and served with bay fries and melted butter.  23.95

Garlic Crabs
3 Cleaned Blue Claw Crabs smothered in garlic sauce.  11.95


Melted American Cheese.  $.50

Extra Bleu Cheese during Wing Special.  $.50

14” Pizza Plain or White.  9.95
Toppings: +.75
Pepperoni, Sausage, Onions, Mushrooms, Extra Cheese, Black Olives, Ricotta Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers, Jalapeño Peppers

Buffalo Chicken Pizza
Our Award winning Wing Sauce, Chicken, Bleu Cheese on a white pizza.  10.95

Meat Lovers
Pepperoni, sausage, bacon, pizza sauce and extra cheese.  12.95

BBQ Chicken Pizza
Grilled chicken breast. BBQ sauce and mozzarella 10.95


8oz of chopped ribeye steak or Chicken Steak. Served with fries.  $8.95

Toppings: American, Provolone, Cheddar, American sauce, mushrooms, Fried onions, pizza sauce, pepperoni, bacon, hot peppers

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak
Chicken steak topped with buffalo sauce, blue cheese, and American cheese

Pizza Steak
Beef Cheese steak with pepperoni, pizza sauce and Provolone cheese.

All wraps served with fries

Buffalo Chicken
Breaded chicken breast in our special buffalo sauce, bleu cheese and tomato and lettuce.  8.95

Chicken Caesar
Chicken breast, Romaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, and creamy Caesar dressing. 8.95

Cajun Fried Po'Boy
Cajun fried chicken and shrimp, cheddar cheese,tomato, lettuce, Russian dressing  9.95

Chicken Club
Chicken, Bacon, White cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and Ranch dressing.  9.95


All wraps served with fries

Chicken Parm
 Breaded Chicken, pizza sauce, and melted cheese in a toasted wrap.  8.95

Meatball Parm
Wrap filled with meatballs, sauce, and melted cheese.  8.95

Grilled Chicken Melt
Grilled chicken, fried onions, melted cheddar and tomato.  8.95

Chicken Club Melt
Chicken club wrap w/ melted cheddar. 9.95
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